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When aerospace engineers design a performance product

Proudly Made in the USA


ARAO Engineering  Inc.

The manufacturers of the 32 valve bolt on heads for American V8s

A full service Machine Shop Specializing in Aluminum Cylinder Heads and engine performance. Originator of the 32Valve Aluminum Cylinder Head.

Get 32 Valve Aluminum Cylinder Head Technology for your Small Block or Big Block Chevy or Ford. Incredible Bolt-on performance, without changing any other part.  32v heads bolt onto standard V-8 blocks using stock cams and pushrod. Use standard intake and exhaust manifolds and pistons.


32 Valve Heads Setting Bonneville Land Speed Records! 208mph!!!

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"...with no other changes-even carb jetting and ignition timing were
unaltered-the four valve heads outperformed the ported two-valve
race heads by 129.1 horse power  and 63.5ft lbs. of torgue"

"...a proven ability to stand head and shoulders above even the best two-valve heads..."
- Steve Magante HotRod magazine.

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Arao Engineering Inc. is a company that

     Truly believes in the saying “MORE IS BETTER”.

     For instance our 32valve B-2 s.b. Chevy heads were put on a basic 350 cu.in. motor.
     This motor consisted of: 10:1 compression, single plane street aluminum intake manifold, standard early LT1 hydraulic roller cam, 750 cfm.  Holley  carb. .Which produced 475 horse power @ 6,000 RPM that’s 203horse power more than a stock iron head, 159 horse power more than a very well known aluminum 2valve (CNC ported) head . As far as torque is concerned we walked away again. With producing 437 ft. lbs @4500 RPM leaving the aluminum 2valve 56 ft. lbs. behind and the iron heads 82 ft. lbs. behind.
     When the aluminum 2valve and iron heads stopped making torque and started going backwards. Our heads kept going (almost like the Energizer Bunny!) at 6,000 RPM still producing over 415 ft. lbs. of torque. Leaving  the aluminum 2valve heads behind by 139 ft lbs. of torque . the iron head was then behind by a pathetic 177ft.lbs. of torque.
     We then decided to play around with the jetting  and  little bigger  camshaft and produced just under 600 horse power. Keep in mind this was all done with our B-2 series head .
     Which is what we consider our baby head due to the B-3 , C-2, C-3, Raised Runner, and HIGH Port, are 5 more levels above the B-2 series. In turn a 1,000 Horse Power  naturally aspirated small block can be achieved with the right combination.

 For those of you out there who still want more!

 You can add a BLOWER, TURBO, or NITROUS !

Which are all compatible with all of our 32valve head packages.

Prices are listed with the Head Packages